About the exhibition

Approaching the theme of Ethics and Politics in Media and Arts Technology from a more experimental and artistic perspective, our curated exhibition showcases the work of internationally renowned designers and artists alongside our own PhD students' mixed media artworks.

We also present work by Will Hurt and Yosuke Ushigome. Will's artwork, commissioned for Inter/sections, draws visitors' attention to built environments, while Yosuke's invites visitors to explore shared economies.

Invited practitioners

Will Hurt

Computer artist

Computer Artist questioning the relationship between art and curation through generated abstracted layouts of physical space.

Yosuke Ushigome


Yosuke is a co-founder and designer at Takram London. His primary interests are centred around emerging technologies. He probes the future vision that they promise, reveals the cultural and political mechanisms behind it, and democratises the insights and findings through making physical and digital prototypes. By doing so, he aims to facilitate in-depth understanding of the implication of emerging technologies and encourage better-informed decision-making on our future.

Anna Ridler

Anna is an artist and researcher whose practice usually involves working with existing collections of information or data to create new and unusual narratives.

Lily Saporta-Tagiuri

Lily is an industrial designer whose work lives at the junction of geo-politics and urban planning.

Jelka Kretzschmar

Jelka is a graphic and experience designer and sonic activist with a strong interest in linguistics and cultural diversity.

Tim Sargent

Tim is an artist and designer, making projects to explore, question and push the possibilities of his and others lives. Tim graduated from the Royal Collage of Art in 2013 having studied Design Interactions.

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