About Inter/sections

About Inter/sections

Inter/sections is an annual series of events programmed by the students of Queen Mary University of London’s Media and Arts Technology (MAT) doctoral training centre.

MAT students founded Inter/sections in 2016 as a forum to examine the disjoints in methods, philosophies and practices that they grapple with as interdisciplinary researchers reconciling computer science with other fields. In its inaugural year, Inter/sections probed the theme of Symbiosis with talks on how an understanding of art history, participatory design and speculative design can contribute to better technology.

Inter/sections 2016

About the MAT program

QMUL's PhD in Media and Arts Technology is an innovative inter-disciplinary programme in the sciences and technologies that transform the creative sector, with a special focus on Sound, Music, Media and Interaction. Its mission is to produce post-graduates that have world-class skills in technical and scientific research, creativity, building and using software and hardware, and are prepared to contribute to the world’s Digital Economy.

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